2014 Basic Skills Competition

2014 Basic Skills Competition, December 13th

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Intro to Skating




A Free Intro to Skating Clinic

at the Chippewa Ice Arena

Sunday Oct. 12 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Saturday Oct. 18 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Sunday Oct. 19 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged &

can be done now or Registration/Sign-Up can

be done ½ hour before the session starts.

Skates will be available to all who would like to participate if you do not have skates. Please advise of the shoe size of the child if you need skates.

Helmets are recommended for the child skating.

A bike helmet will work.

If you would like to pre-register or have questions,

please contact Joan Schemenauer at e-mail joanjerry@att.net or (715) 829-9714



Registration 2014-2015

Registration will be at the hockey rink on September 23 or 24 from 6-8pm.

Figure Skating registration will also be held at this time.

You can also review the concussion information on chippewahockey.org and then print and sign the agreement. (each skater must have one turned in)

There will be more information coming soon.

 Hope to see you there!

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Congratulations to the following Skaters...

The following Skaters have been working hard to pass their levels and move on to the next one.


Snowplow Sam 1:   Basic 3:     Basic 6:
Kylie C   Jordona W   Emilee M.
Ashlynn S   Calli S   Emily T.
      Kendall b   Kaylen T.
Basic 1:     Ellie S    
Marian B   Breanna c   Basic 7:
Mackenzie N         Sam P.F.
Kaelyn B         Alyssa S.
Andrew T   Basic 4:     Kaylen T.
Aubree T   Calli S    
Isaac P   Natalie P   Basic 8:
Sophia C   Nadia T   Victoria D.
Ellenor A         Olivia S.
Adrian M   Basic 5:     Lydia C.
Grace M   Haley B.      
Emma S   Alissa B.      
      Brooke P.      
Basic 2:     Emilee M.    
Elsa B   Lilly B.      
Acacia Pi          
Samantha W        
Grace M          
Emma S